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Event Management

Events Management

By Word of Mouth Presentation Services has been created so that Reg can bring his wealth of experience in Production, Event and Stage Management and help create a memorable event even if the duties of Toastmaster/MC are not required.

For over 33 years, Reg was the Founder and Chairman of Production Plus Ltd and is currently still a Consultant for this very successful company that provides top of the range services at top venues around the globe. The skill sets that have been acquired over the years are those that are vital to the planning, implementation and running of a successful event whether social or corporate in nature.

Reg will be pleased to help you plan your event, advise or book the various production elements, musicians or artistes and ensure that all health and safety protocols are strictly observed.

The provision of high standards of equipment and talented crew members are vital to a successful event and Reg will be pleased to work with you and act as an M.C. as required to ensure that your event runs smoothly and engages your audience with style, impact and professionalism.